Breakfast @ Rufo’s Famous Tapa

I have been seeing and hearing good reviews on Rufo’s Famous Tapa. To kill my curiosity, I have decided to try it for myself. We tried the branch at Ortigas. It was my first time to ordered and tasted the “Famous Tapa”. 


Not like ordinary Tapa, this one is heavy on sauce. It is sweet and juicy. Sauce pa lang ulam na nga. Haha However, the shredded beef is a little few. Maybe that is the reason why they are generous on sauce. Ang sarap sa rice. Huhu I suddenly craving for it now.


Fried egg, tapa, and garlic rice. Yum yum! It cost 116.00 Php. Will I come back and try it again and again? The answer is yes! I love beef and sweet taste equals happy tummy. Soon! If I have time, I will definitely make a review for the other menu on Rufo’s =)

The Verdict: 3.8 stars out of 5 stars

For more details:

Address: GALLEON ORTIGAS, 6/F, One Corporate Center, Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig City


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