Jolibee’s Seasonal Honey Beef Rice

I heard Jolibee’s Honey Beef Rice was a seasonal meal from the 90’s. Too bad, my millennial brain cannot remember the time I have tried it. The only menu I can recall with beef is the Pepper garlic beef that could only be purchased during weekdays. I love that from Jolibee’s menu. It was affordable and yummy.  It was sad that they removed it from the menu.

Anyways, one day my husband went home with the Honey Beef Rice for our lunch. For the first time, maybe in a long time or it is really my first time to try it. It has a savory sauce based on soy sauce and honey with onions, of course! the tender beef. Underneath of it was a white rice fit for king. (daming rice) YUM! If you finished one serving of it, super busog.

It is not salty nor too sweet, it is the perfect blend of soy sauce and honey. It has a close taste to bistek tagalog without the pitch of calamnsi. I love it!

For solo meals, it starts at 164php. For value meal with drink, it starts at 186php. They also offer Honey Beef Family Pan good for 6 person starts at 825php and Honey Beef Family Pan good for 8 person starts at 1,056php. I think it is for limited time only. So try it now fellow foodies.

Here is the link for Jollibee Delivery. Baka gutom ka na! hahaha 😉

By the way, I found the old TVC of Jollibee’s Honey Beef Rice from 1999. Enjoy!


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