McDonald’s Twister Fries is back again this 2021

What a coincidence? I have just mentioned twister fries last time from my last post. I have no idea that Mcdonald’s returned the famous twister fries in their menu last September 15, 2021 for limited time only. Then, my mom or my sister sent a photo of twister fries last Friday. They have already tried it. They are more updated than me. Of course! I also ordered mine the next day with them.

For sharing

This is the twister fries for sharing. My sister told me this is not the original container of the twister fries. I have no idea, basta my fries g na!! hahahah It feels like her older sister let her borrow her clothes but is does not fit well. Anyways, this one cost for 159 php.

The next day…

Here we go again…


We order again via drive thru. I think we should have ordered the one for sharing again. This one is too small for us. This is the solo version that cost 74php. Well, twister fries does not disappoint for sure. Sherep pa din! I hope it will stay for good or a little longer. This is my favorite fries. ❤

Have you tried it again? Order now before they remove it again on their menu. 😉


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