REVIEW: Burger Beast by Chef Carlo Miguel

Our comeback after a long long long break. I never thought that this day will come that we would post again in this blog.

Hello foodies!

Today, we suddenly craved for burgers! We supposedly order from Sweet Ecstasy. In an unfortunate event, it kept on closing in GrabFood, we gave up and looked for another restaurant that offers good burger. Thankfully and luckily, I found the Burger Beast by Chef Carlo Miguel. First, I have no idea of this restaurant until now. I have discovered them via GrabFood. Pandemic life makes everything efficient yet difficult too. This is one of the perks in this century, the food deliveries were made easy.

We ordered the burgers in their Betterliving, Bicutan Branch. After minutes of waiting, it arrived in a perfect condition. We ordered 4 kinds of burger. The Umami Burger, Bacon Umami Burger, Chicken Caesar Burger and Classic Cheese Burger. We also ordered some twist fries and onion rings plus one Soy chicken poppers for my baby girl.

bacon umami burger
Bacon Umami Burger – 252php
Classic cheese burger
The Classic Cheese Burger – 249php
Chicken caesar burger
Chicken Caesar Burger -199 php
onion rings and twist fries
Onion Rings – 69php, Twist Fries – 89php
Soy Garlic Chicken poppers
Soy Garlic Chicken Poppers – 119 php

We are really pleased with the burgers to be honest. It has a large portion. It is worth the price. If you finished the burger, well for us we are really full. Sulit! Sherep! The burger patties remind us of the taste of Brother’s Burger. Grilled burger patty. YUM! It is not greasy nor dry. They are generous with other ingredients. We are happy that we can order a good burger in just a few clicks.

Twist fries is like the twister fries of McDonald’s. It is a dupe for sure! We don’t need to wait for the seasonal twister fries of McDonald’s. We can order anytime here. For the soy chicken poppers, they separated the sauce, I will give them an applaud for doing it. When it arrived it is not saggy, it is still crunchy. My baby loves it. In our experience, mostly, when ordering for delivery a chicken with coated sauce it is a little bit lumpy when it arrives. Good job for doing it. They have a tons of variety in their menu like milkshakes, milktea, chicken wings, salads, desserts and other kinds of burgers. I hope we could try ordering again and try the other stuff in the menu.

Will I order again? Yes, actually I am craving for it again. hahaha I will recommend it too 😉

Price Range: Burgers from 199 to 300php ++, Sides from 49 to 90php ++, drinks from 20 to 100php ++

The Verdict: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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