REVIEW: Dinuguan at Tapa from Liezl’s La Paz Batchoy and Kanzi @ Jaka Plaza

Today, we go local! My momma is craving for dinuguan. I saw Liezl’s La Paz Batchoy and Kansi House in Jaka Plaza. This place is been there for a while now. Maybe more than 10 years or 15 years? We should be trying the La Paz Batchoy. We have tried it but the review will be saved for other post.

What I also love with this restaurant, it is not pricey at all and they also have a big serving. Sulit busog much! Hahaha To be honest, when I was young and a little picky eater, I will never think of eating dinuguan. I was just influence by my husband. He likes that kind of stuff. I am also loving it now. Hahaha sherep sya sa rice but eating it like a soup. Hmmm.. hindi ko yata kaya. What I love about their dinuguan, it is the authentic taste. The meat they used are ears of the pig and other normal dinuguan ingredients. Lately, I have noticed that some of the dinuguan served in the restaurants are tweaked. They mostly put the meat of the pig not the “laman loob” and also not enough kick of vinegar. I can say, this one is legit! We also bought puto and rice cakes. I will also save it for other post.

My momma partnered the dinuguan with puto. However, for us we partnered it with rice. It does not have any “lansa” feels.

Now, let us go to my fave. The beef tapa!!! OMG! I did not expect anything from it. Looks can be deceiving but damn! How I wish I have a fried egg that time and plenty of rice. It is not the normal tapa that you can buy in any frozen area in grocery section. We just heard it from a vlogger that it was good. He is correct. I am validating his feelings right now.

They are also offering different varieties of food from Silog meals, soups (la paz batchoy, papaitan, soup number 5), ulam and bundle packs.

Price Range: Dinuguan good for 2 – 165 php, Tapa good for 1 – 105 php, All time favorites from 180 php to 230 php, Exclusive bundles from 499 php to 699 php

Will I recommend it? YES! I will give them 4.8 stars 😉

For details:

Facebook page:


  • Unit 12, A-, 8288 Dr Arcadio Santos Ave, San Antonio, Parañaque, 1715 Metro Manila
  • Dr Arcadio Santos Ave, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila
  • PITX Branch
  • Jaro, CPU, Iloilo City


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