REVIEW: Tokyo Bubble Tea @ SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

Hi there! It’s my first time to write a review soooo, please bare with me. hehe 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve last eaten at Tokyo Bubble Tea. I had always loved their milk teas! And that’s one of the reasons that I always want to come back to that restaurant. This time, we ordered their new “Japanese Cheesecake Cream”. At first I was surprised because I don’t remember them having that in their menu before. I was only familiar with their Milk Teas, and Fruit Teas. The staff then told us that the JCC was indeed a new menu of theirs. I was a little disappointed that the Dark Chocolate Milk Tea that I always ordered was not available anymore though 😦 So we decided to go with their Strawberry JCC and Chocolate JCC. 😀


(Here are a few sample pics of their oh so cute menu! :3)

Then for the food, we ordered our all-time-favorite Takoyaki Ball. I’ve always been a huge sucker for Takoyaki’s ever since the first time I’ve tried them. hehe 😀 And we also decided to try out their Yogis Poutine Fries. Because, well it’s fries! Everybody loves fries! haha

Takoyaki Ball (P178.00) with Strawberry JCC (P125.00)


Chocolate JCC (P125.00) with Yogi’s Poutine Fries (P189.00)


When our order arrived, I finally got a taste of their new JCC drinks. To my surprise, the Chocolate JCC that I ordered tastes the same as their phased out Dark Chocolate Milk Tea. Just a bit milkier? creamier because of well, the cheesecake cream. I guess they kind of just upgraded some of the old Milk Teas. Also good, but for me personally I’d still prefer their old Milk Teas.

**Just wanted to share this tid-bit.. hehe. They asked us to fill up this cute survey after requesting to bill out. 🙂

Overall Rating: 4/5 ♥♥♥♥

I would give them a 5/5, if only they have a more cozy place. >w<

Address: LG, Mega A, Mega Mall, Julia Vergas Avenue., Mandaluyong

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