REVIEW: Corndog 28 @ Moonwalk, Paranaque City

Box with 5 corndog inside
The amazing five! 😍

As a person who loves Kdrama, I often see this on some Kdrama tv series lately. This is called Korean corndog. We usually know the western version of the corndog, the hotdogs dipped in flour mixture then fried in to golden brown.Sometimes, they also add breadcrumbs to add some crunchiness and texture in the corndog.

For the Korean version of corndogs, they also use flour mixtures but they stuff it with mozzarella cheese and Korean sausage. They coat it with sugar to add a little sweetness on it.

mozza-potato -105php and potato – 99php

In the haunt for food to eat on Grab Food (bekenemen grab! Hahahaha), we saw Corndog 28 on Grab. Right away, we ordered it. Because we are too far from the location. The delivery fee of the food was 155php. No promo that time. It was a little expensive in our usual fee. Who cares?! When your cravings are a little out of hand, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and press place order. HAHA!

Classic Mozza – 89php

We ordered 2 Mozza-Potato, 2 Mozza and 1 potato. This is our second time to order here. They never disappoint. Sherep! The corndog with potato is so heavy but I like it more than the classic. Don’t forget to put honey mustard and ketchup on it. It gives the extra punch of goodness. By the way, the Mozza-potato consist of half mozzarella and half Korean sausage. Same with the mozza, it has half mozzarella and half Korean sausage too without the potato. While the Potato it has Korean sausage inside only. They also offer full mozzarella stuffing and they also have set menu consist of 5 corndogs plus Milkis Drink (Carbonated milk drink).

Price ranges – corn dog 74php to 140php, set menu 579php to 899php, Milkis drink 60php

Will I recommend it? YES! 🙂 

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