REVIEW: Lucky’s Burger and Bar at Tuscany Mckinley Hill

There are lot of restaurants here in Mckinley Hill however most of them are quite expensive because of the location. I’ve been working here for almost 4 years that is why me and my officemates were digging for some new places to eat. We have found Lucky’s Burger and Bar along Tuscany Residences.

This is Pork Brisket, our so called “Comfort Food” the sweet taste of pork with buttered veggies on top will definitely satisfy your cravings

Price : 250 php

They also have the Crispy Bacon and Rice which is really crunchy and very tasty it comes with a palatable sauce. It seems not healthy but it’s delicious!

Price: 180 php

And the last one is Chicken Peri Peri, dipped in a mustard taste sauce with buttered veggies and garlic rice which is a perfect meal for hungry tummy

Price: 250 php

Most of their meals are bit pricey but I tell you, it’s worth a try. The place is also cozy and their staffs are friendly. Once you go around here in Mckinley Hill, I will surely recommend this place.

The Verdict: 5 stars out of 5 stars

Here’s the Facebook Page.


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