Welcome to Our New Blog

Welcome to our new blog
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Hi foodies! I’m Abbey, the owner of www.swirlsandscribbles.com. I’m so excited to share with everyone, our new food blog. I invited my friends to join me with this new venture. Guess what? They are totally game with it.

I love to eat and so are my friends. We will give you justice and truth about the restos, bars, cafes, jollijeeps or even the kariton ng nagfishball, we will give our opinions, reviews or verdicts about it. So game on!
We are also accepting guest posting on our blog. But make sure it is all about the food and nothing but the food that can make our tummies happy and shout for yumminess! Besides, I’m starting to be chubby bunny so why not make the most out of it. Lelz

I am so full of positivity that this will be a success for sure! Right? Please agree. Hihi By the way, stay tuned on our blog for future giveaways and free meals on the coming days! Mwahhh xoxo


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